Professional Recruiting Company

Professional Recruiting Company


Our work focus in three ways — Digital, Executive, Pro.

Clients and feedback

The clients trust us and completely rely on our expertise since the values of SELECT* are thoroughgoing quality, professionalism, and openness.


companies trust us

The clients fully trust us and rely on our expertise,
that is why we achieve effective results.

Alexandra Schwartze

VP Global Human Resources – EIS

I would like to Thank you! Working with your company has been a pleasure. The candidates that you presented to us were of the highest caliber.

I am also very thankful for your knowledgeable insight and market information you shared with us on the various geographies you work in. You were very generous with your time and your knowledge. We are very pleased with the candidates that you placed with us at EIS. Thank you and we will continue to do business with you.

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Andriy Dzvinchuk

CEO Dzvin-Ski company

Before cooperating with SELECT* I haven’t worked with any recruiting companies. But it was difficult to find the right candidate by myself, and I decided to ask for help.

My friends recommended me SELECT* several times, so I reached them out and didn’t regret it. We have found the right person and definitely are planning to keep working.

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Ilya Pinchuk

CEO and Founder Diceus

SELECT did a great job in screening and staffing strategic and key personnel for senior positions. They sent us very high-quality candidates with different skills-set which helped us to understand the best fit for our specific cases.

A very personal approach to our needs helped us find the right people. We trust them to go above and beyond to introduce us to the most experienced, creative, and hard-working professionals. They are a great team to work with which we can rely on and recommend.

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Ksenia Potapova

Head of Recruitment Apalon company

Thank you so much SELECT* for your professionalism and high-quality work. We appealed to SELECT* for closing C-level positions and stayed satisfied at maximum.

Colleagues from SELECT* very carefully collected all requirements at an early stage, discussed expectations and the process with both, our inner recruiting team and with managers. During the process, they always provided a comprehensive amount of information about candidates, shared updates, and clarified any issues. Excellent facilitation interview process for the provided candidates, quick feedback sharing with both sides, and always kept informed us about the next steps. To sum up, with their help we found the most suitable candidate for us, with whom we still work with pleasure. I confidently (strongly) recommend SELECT* team for researching the most difficult and/or important position in the company. And we will be very happy to reach you out for help again.

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Lilia Matveeva

CEO of company Лігос

We started to work with SELECT* upon the recommendation. We needed a company, which understands the enterprise specificity and is able to find people with appropriate levels for our requirement.

During the cooperation, we liked the high level of client-oriented, candidate presentation, preparation of the summary of candidates for possible adaptation in the team, and support after hiring.  We definitely recommend cooperation with SELECT* not just on a local level, but also with companies from other cities.

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Yana Hanushchak

HR&Recruiting manager VISTA

SELECT* was recommended by our marketing agency.
At the beginning of our work, we had a long adaptation period a little bit until they dive into the specifics of our market.

We understand that for companies like ours – it is pretty hard to find the right candidate, that is why we appreciate their organized manner, attentiveness to details, meticulousness, and clarity of work. They select candidates well and report every Friday about this. Of course, we recommend and will recommend.

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