We help to improve the efficiency of hiring processes in the digital technologies field.

About direction

‘What can be measured, can be managed’. Modern digital recruiting is very competitive, so efficiency is one of the key tasks. Within this direction, we help our clients with the implementation and optimization of Applicant Tracking Systems as well as various search tools.

We develop the organisational structure of the recruiting function and set up the collection of key indicators. We train teams and provide individual training for managers. All of this is designed to give our clients a competitive advantage and help them win the race for talent.

How we work

Each client who comes to us for consulting has a unique situation, team, set of tools, and needs. Therefore, we do not have ready-made template solutions. Any project starts with the initial analysis phase, where we get to know the current situation and form a plan for future changes.

Clients and feedback

The clients trust us and completely rely on our expertise since the values of SELECT* are thoroughgoing quality, professionalism and openness.


companies trust us

Thanks to many years of experience working in the Ukrainian and European markets and a deep understanding of the digital recruiting field, we find solutions for the most difficult tasks and projects.

Robin Corralez

Chief People Officer - PandaDoc

I engaged SELECT* to assist my recruiting team with optimising Greenhouse. The objectives of the project were to have reliable data we can use to manage our talent acquisition processes,

a clear understanding of our candidate funnel and the ability to identify improvements needed throughout the recruitment journey. Vic was thorough and took his time to understand the needs of various stakeholders in PandaDoc in order to set up our workflows and processes in a way that matched our needs. His recommendations were well thought out and comprehensive. Working with Vic was a breeze and the work completed has a great impact on our visibility of the talent acquisition processes and pipeline. I would highly recommend Vic and SELECT* to any company looking for a partner who understands stakeholder management, technology and recruiting processes.

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Iryna Kononenko

Associate VP, Head of TAG / Ukraine - GlobalLogic

With this opportunity I want to say my sincere Thank you! to SELECT* team for their constant support of GLobalLogic on our path to constant growth in a competitive and challenging IT market.

While the fight for the best talent is inevitable, SELECT* has always remained for us a predictably efficient and productive partner having worked on all levels of engineering talents along with exquisite search efforts applied on Senior management roles as well.

On a separate note I need to mention a recent full scale educational project for our Talent Acquisition team on LinkedIn Recruiter usage efficiency. Per direct request SELECT* has provided a full audit of existing LinkedIn subscriptions package and usage formats. After an analysis done, SELECT* has shared the feasible action plan and helped in its implementation through constant communication both with LI account manager and TAG team, along with high quality education sessions. What’s more, SELECT* has joined 1 hackathon and prepared 1 more separate game for recruiters to turn the theoretical knowledge into practical use through gamification.

I for one truly appreciate the agility and maturity of the SELECT* management and attitude towards life and profession, where one can always find the support and answers on uneasy questions.

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Yana Babii

Recruitment Team Lead - Ajax Systems

Ajax Systems has been effectively cooperating with the SELECT* agency for several years.
During this time we received a sensitive approach to each vacancy and transparent partnership relations.

Agency specialists dive into the specifics of each position to offer really strong candidates. In my practice, it is difficult to find such partners. We have a really established, clear cooperation with relevant candidates, and as a result — professional Ajax Systems development engineers. I definitely recommend SELECT* to colleagues who are looking for a quality approach in hiring candidates.

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Max Kamenkov

CEO & Co-founder - SplitMetrics

It was a great decision to work with SELECT*. As a growing company, we have some ambitious recruitment needs.

SELECT* provided us with top talent for our open positions. They understood our needs and met some difficult deadlines. I would definitely work with SELECT* again.

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Piret Luts

Group Head of Talent Acquisition - Nortal AS

Working with SELECT* has been a very enjoyable journey, both from the Talent Acquisition and Hiring Manager points of view. Starting from the first briefing call, we understood that they speak our language and understand our needs.

Working with their team we had a constant overview of the situation, candidates in the process, questions marks, suggestions on how to improve or change the approach. There was a strong feeling of working together towards a common goal.

I truly appreciate their professional approach and guidance, helping us to make first hires in the market that was unknown before. Happy to work with them in the future and can recommend them also to others.

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Oleksii Grekov

Head of Recruitment - SQUAD

We’ve been working with SELECT* for several years and we will definitely continue. When you work tightly on common projects and your expectations of the support, attitude and understanding of your business needs are met, this is a true partnership.

Attentiveness to the details, following the process, finding new solutions and ways for improvement, willing to help and achieving great results, it’s all about partnering with SELECT*. Thanks for doing your best, always.

So yeah, if you thrive for speed and quality, sound approach and meeting your expectations, you are in the right place.

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Rita Bodnarchuk

COO - YouTeam

We’re the world’s first marketplace for hiring engineers from vetted software dev agencies. Being a startup in the HR Tech sphere that delivers innovations, we know precisely — strong people are the key to success.

In the first place, we’re looking for talent. A culture fit is also crucial for us. So I must say we’re quite picky 🙂 Still, SELECT* manages to demonstrate high business ethics, deliver superb results, and be trusted.

Always responsive, professional, and ready to share their knowledge. That’s an excellent choice to cooperate with them.

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Alexandra Schwartze

VP Global Human Resources – EIS

I would like to Thank you! Working with your company has been a pleasure. The candidates that you presented to us were of the highest caliber.

I am also very thankful for your knowledgeable insight and market information you shared with us on the various geographies you work in. You were very generous with your time and your knowledge. We are very pleased with the candidates that you placed with us at EIS. Thank you and we will continue to do business with you.

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