Professional Recruiting Company

Professional Recruiting Company

Direction of SELECT* company, that specializes in search and selection of Digital and IT-sphere experts.

Victor Soroka

Victor Soroka

Head of direction

Looking for candidates in digital or IT sphere? SELECT* will find you professional candidate.

About direction

Digital Recruiting is one of the most active directions in the market. During our work in this area, we have developed our own professional methodology in the selection of candidates. Systematic and structured approach helps us to achieve 100 percent results.

The main advantage of this direction is the deep knowledge of the market, which is built on significant cooperation experience with Ukrainians and international technical and digital companies.

Clients and feedback

The clients trust us and completely rely on our expertise since the values of SELECT* are thoroughgoing quality, professionalism, and openness.


companies trust us

Working in the recruitment industry for more than 5 years,
we cooperated with lots of companies, which were looking
for experts in Digital and T-sphere. We have experience of
working with both, Ukrainian and international companies.

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