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Taras Kotyk

Taras Kotyk

Head of direction

Looking for a candidate for specific real economy sector?
SELECT* will find for you the most professional candidates.

About direction

Main feature of our work with candidates in this area is the research of the sphere-and-market, where we are working.

Through this approach, we effectively find both accountants and engineers, marketers, and managers of specific industrial products.

Clients and feedback

The clients trust us and completely rely on our expertise since the values of SELECT* are thoroughgoing quality, professionalism, and openness.


companies trust us

Working in the recruitment industry for more than 5 years,
we cooperated with lots of companies, which had a request
to find narrow-focused experts. We have solid working
experience with multiple leading Ukrainian and international


Lilia Matveeva

CEO of company Лігос

We started to work with SELECT* upon the recommendation. We needed a company, which understands the enterprise specificity and is able to find people with appropriate levels for our requirement.

During the cooperation, we liked the high level of client-oriented, candidate presentation, preparation of the summary of candidates for possible adaptation in the team, and support after hiring.  We definitely recommend cooperation with SELECT* not just on a local level, but also with companies from other cities.

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Yana Hanushchak

HR&Recruiting manager VISTA

SELECT* was recommended by our marketing agency.
At the beginning of our work, we had a long adaptation period a little bit until they dive into the specifics of our market.

We understand that for companies like ours – it is pretty hard to find the right candidate, that is why we appreciate their organized manner, attentiveness to details, meticulousness, and clarity of work. They select candidates well and report every Friday about this. Of course, we recommend and will recommend.

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Andriy Dzvinchuk

CEO Dzvin-Ski company

Before cooperating with SELECT* I haven’t worked with any recruiting companies. But it was difficult to find the right candidate by myself, and I decided to ask for help.

My friends recommended me SELECT* several times, so I reached them out and didn’t regret it. We have found the right person and definitely are planning to keep working.

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